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Professional Laundry Services

I aim to be flexible in my approach as I know that no two clients needs are the same. You may live on site, or reside in another country - I will liaise either with you directly or with your housekeeper/property manager, ensuring that collections and deliveries are prompt and in time for your next changeover.
Convenient, reliable and flexible to your own personal and professional needs, French & Launders are here to take the stress (and the laundry) away.


Delivery & Collection

Prices are inclusive of delivery and collection, subject to location on all orders over 50,00€
Orders under 50,00€ will be subject to a collection and delivery charge. The rate will depend on location, the minimum rate being 10,00€, charged per visit.

Gîtes, Chambres d’Hôtes, Hotels & Châteaux

Inundated with laundry?  The thought of all that washing driving you to despair?
At French & Launders we can cater for all of your laundry needs, however large or small.
Providing a full laundry service, collected, washed, dried, pressed and delivered back to your door, smelling fresh, all in time for your next changeover and your new arrivals.
Or maybe you prefer to wash your own laundry, in which case we will simply collect, iron and return.
Ironing tips - for the very best ironing results use a fabric conditioner, do not over dry in a tumble dryer and most importantly FOLD.

Prices -

*Prices are per item, inclusive of washing detergent and fabric conditioner.

Iron Only

Pillowcase     0,50

Sheets - flat/fitted

Single      2,00

Double    2,50

King         3,00

Emperor  3,50

Duvet Covers

Single      2,50

Double    3,00

King         3,50

Emperor  4,00

Wash & Iron

Pillowcase     1,00

Sheets - flat/fitted

Single       4,50

Double     5,50

King          6,50

Emperor   7,50

Duvet Covers

Single       5,50

Double     6,50

King          7,50

Emperor   8,50


*Single.  15,00

*Double 20,00

*King     22,50

*A 10% discount applies to the laundering of duvets of all existing French & Launders clients.


Wash Only


Flannels 0,50

Hand      1,00

Bath       2,00

Bathsheets/Pool towels     2,50

Mattress Protecters: 

Single       3,00

Double     4,00

King          4,50

Emperor   5,00

Pillow Pro 0,75

Misc  -

Bath Mats 1,00 - 2,00

Oven Gloves 1,00

Tea Towels   1,00

Aprons 2,50

Cot bedding 2,00

Robes 4,00

French and Launders ironing service
French and Launders laundry worker on duty